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As one of the highlights of the year, the Kenilworth Food Fest (previously known as the Kenilworth Cheese Wine and Food Fest) will be held on Saturday, 19th June 2021. The festival has built its reputation on the ethos of keeping it local.

Preference will be given to stall holders who provide locally made and sourced products, with offerings from a range of gourmet and ethnic food and beverages, wine, cider, craft beer and fresh produce. Stalls will be located in the Kenilworth Town Park and neighbouring vacant block, on both sides of Charles Street next to the park, as well as in the grounds of Kenilworth Dairies.

It is incumbent on stall holders, where relevant, to ensure they comply with local and state government requirements relating to licensing of stalls, handling of food and insurance coverage. The Food Fest organisers are committed to making the festival as environmentally friendly as possible, and encourage all stall holders to keep this in mind when developing their product.

It is expected that the Food Fest will attract at least 5000 visitors to Kenilworth, so applicants for stalls must be confident that they can supply sufficient stock to trade throughout the festival. Applicants should be aware that an application does not grant automatic approval. All applications will be considered by the organising committee, and applicants will be informed by if their application has been successful or not.

As per application attached.

Sites 3.0 x 3.0 metres $120.00
Sites 3.0 x 6 .0 metres $220.00

A limited number of powered sites are available at an extra cost of $50.00 for smaller sites or $75 for larger sites.

Please note that sites only are provided. Stall holders must provide their own marquees, tables, extension leads (25 m recommended), equipment, etc. required for product preparation and sale.


Stall holders must provide a certificate of currency that outlines their public liability insurance coverage for the event to the value of min. $10 million.


Where applicable, stall holders dispensing food must provide a current Food Vendor’s licence with their application.
At the festival, stall holders must ensure that their current licence is displayed in a visible place.


For Sunshine Coast Council requirements please Click Here


Stall holders offering wine, cider or craft beer must provide a current permit with their application.

It should be noted that the permit allows only samples to be consumed, with sales restricted for off-site consumption. The sale of alcohol by the glass is not permitted.


All extension leads and equipment required to be connected to power MUST BE TAGGED with current tag. Leads/equipment which are not tagged will not be able to be connected to power.


Payment will be required within 14 days of receipt of approval of site application and invoice showing total cost. If payment is not received within the required time, the site may be forfeited. Please DO NOT include payment with application – pay on receipt of invoice.


Stall holders will be able to set up between 6am – 8am.  The Food Fest will be open From 9am to 3pm.


All stall holders must register their names upon entry for insurance purposes and safety concerns.


All stall holders will be allocated their site prior to the event. Sites will be marked out and numbered, and a map showing location of stalls will be provided prior to the event.


Vehicles are only allowed on the festival site for bump-in and bump-out.  The festival commences at 9am, all vehicles are to be removed by 8.30am.


Stall holders are not permitted to take down their marquee and pack up if they sell out their stock before the end of the festival. Pack up will commence only when it is deemed safe to do so by the organisers, with consideration of the 3pm closing time.


Before starting to trade

· Ensure that the stalls are completely set up at least 1 hour before starting any trading
· Ensure that stallholder has a current Food Hygiene licence and that it is exposed before the start of business in a visible place
· All pre-cooked or prepared food must be prepared in a registered kitchen.
· Ensure that all equipment used to maintain temperature control of high-risk foods are clean and set up and operating at required temperatures before commencing food preparation.
· Ensure that foods are treated to reach adequate temperature control hot above 600C or cold below 50C before placing/keeping in bain maries.
· Monitor and maintain hot and cold food temperatures regularly
· Ensure that hand basins complete with hand soap and paper towels are set up in a readily accessible place before commencing food preparation.
· Ensure that adequate utensil washing facilities are also set up.


A health inspection may be conducted by a Sunshine Coast Council Environmental Health officer before commencement of operations to ensure compliance with the above requirements.


The Food Fest Committee encourages environmental awareness in the use of packaging and dispensing materials. All stall holders are required to keep their stall area clean and tidy throughout the day, and to ensure that all rubbish is cleaned away before departure. Please note that there are no facilities for disposal of oil at the festival.


 For information on the refund policy please Click Here

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Saturday 19th June 2021

9.00am – 3.00pm

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